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We are SHN.

We are smaller, yet mightier than most Benefit Experts.  We are smaller with intent.  We know Big.  Big has limitations.  Layers.  Flaws. Politics.  Big brings a good solution and then “peace out”.  Big is too “big” to actually deliver.  We were part of Big.  No Thanks.


We are better by being smaller.  Small gets better results. Small is flexible.  Small will deliver.  Small develops relationships and delivers results. Small is the new Big.


At SHN, we work pretty hard to create engaging experiences in the boring world of benefits.  We have a lot of fun too.  No.  Really.  We can show you.

At SHN we are different from most brokers and agents for Medical & Rx benefit solutions. We are an experienced service-oriented organization, and everything we do is designed to eliminate the stress in benefit planning.

Our company was built to service and improve the lives of hard-working union members.  We bring that same passion, focus and expertise to very large organizations, smaller organizations as well as individuals.


We have one of the most affordable suite of PPO medical benefits on the market that offers nationwide coverage for retirees under age 65. We are a proud provider of the only available PPO ACA compliant plan for OPERS and OPF retirees.

Call 888.338.7677 to learn more about affordable coverage designed just for your needs.

Welcome to better health benefit solutions!


What is Solidarity?

SHN or “Solidarity Health Network” as my dad calls it, was founded in 1989 by my dad, Tony Mangoni.  “Solidarity” always meant “union or labor” to my dad, and that was great! 


Time brings different visions….Solidarity has become so much more since we started back then.  Solidarity is the team of people who work in our office that have a wealth of knowledge of over 200 years!  Solidarity is our country and supporting American jobs because it ultimately matters to all of us, regardless of what you do for a living.  Solidarity is for our clients that trust our vision, and even become friends more often than not.  Solidarity is labor, corporate, family, America.  And Solidarity Health Network is so much more than a Health Network now.  We consist of innovative ideas, fun, collaboration, accuracy, and the latest technology! 

About Us
What is Solidarity
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Meet The Team

Anne Glorioso

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Anne Glorioso has over 25 years of experience as a Benefits Expert and has worked on both the fully insured and self-insured side of benefits. She is also the President and owner of SHN, Inc.
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Alexandra Szczepaniak

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Alexandra Szczepaniak has several years of experience in the benefits industry. As a licensed broker and claims manager, she has experience in both the fully insured and self-funded markets. 

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Customer Service

At SHN, our team isn’t happy unless you are. 

If your participants are not hanging up the phone satisfied, maybe you need to call SHN.


If your participants are not getting a live person in the USA each time they call during business hours, maybe you need to call SHN. 


If your participants are calling you because they are unable to obtain information or resolve an issue; maybe you need to call SHN.


Maybe, just maybe, you need to call SHN and see what premier Customer Care is really about.


What you and your plan participants receive when they call SHN:

  • Our Customer Care Representatives are union members. Truly a LABOR SERVING LABOR organization.

  • Every participant is treated with best in class service.

  • Phones are answered promptly in a unit. This means your participants are not bounced around trying to resolve an issue.

  • Your fund will be assigned a dedicated phone number.

  • We resolve all issues within 24 hours.

  • All calls are recorded for quality assurance. You can request a call recording at any time.

  • Staff is trained extensively and often.

  • Our customer care representatives are in Cleveland, Ohio – not overseas.

  • You will have access to management all the time.

  • All participants are in one system with all calls documented.

  • All requested documents, statements, and any other written requests are sent out within 24 hours and tracked in our system automatically.

  • Your participants have online access to their benefits, hours tracking, pensions, etc.


We don’t make promises unless we can keep them. We over-deliver each and every time.


Our goal has always been to solve ALL plan participant issues and alleviate the Plan Sponsors from these headaches and we have achieved this goal.

Call us for more information!

Customer Service
Meet The Team
Our Approach

Our Approach

We Love This Business.  We really do.


We’d also like to think we know our stuff too.  However, knowing our stuff doesn’t mean that we aren’t willing to learn or willing to take intelligent risks if it benefits you in the end.



what keeps you up at night?

Collaboration – let’s discuss your biggest worry



SHN delivers a variety of options to choose from, and they aren’t cookie cutter. We tailor the solution with you in mind.



which option helps
you sleep better?



Showtime! It’s time for us to bring your solutions to life… seamlessly. We worry about the benefits so you don’t have to.

What Our Clients are Saying About Us


“Anne is a high energy professional with a "can do" attitude who surrounds herself with like minded professionals. I have had the pleasure of working with Anne over the last 3 years and have enjoyed her commitment to the business and her attention to detail. In writing this it strikes me that Anne is very much process oriented and in addition to knowing the process needed to get from point A to point B....she has a keen insight to all the twists and turns along the way. It would be a pleasure to work with Anne in the future.”

- Kathy B. Scira , CEO, Simplicity Benefit Services. Ltd.
Join Our Team
What Our Clients are Saying


SHN provides REAL solutions for:
  • Benefit Administration

  • Billing/Invoicing

  • Retiree Health Care

  • Self-Funded Plans

  • ACA Mandates

  • Dental and Vision

  • Fully Insured Plans

  • Eligibility

  • Claims Processing

  • Benefit Audits

  • Prescription Drug Benefits

  • Fringe Benefit Administration

  • Annuity Administration

  • Pension Administration

  • Call Center Services (located right in the Good Ol’ USA!)

  • Genetic Testing for Prescription Drug Compatibility

  • Retiree Drug Subsidy Administration

  • Retiree Drug Subsidy Recovery after Reconciliation


Additional Services:
  • Benefit Consulting

  • Benefit Planning

  • Contract Negotiation Assistance

Have a need you don’t see above? No problem. We are always working in your best interest to bring you ALL the solutions you need. Just ask, we’re sure we can deliver.

Let’s Start a Conversation

We’d love to continue this conversation in person.


Plus, we are tired of talking about us and would rather chat about you.

Providing Real Solutions since 1989.

Thanks! Message sent.

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