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Additional Benefits

Housing Services:

Basic relocation assistance, advice from housing counselors on cost of living comparisons, how COVID affects mortgages, school district advice, etc. 

Pet Care:

We have included a prescription discount card for pets, but also includes advice for things like: Proper Storage of Pet Meds, Food, and Treats, heart worm questions, how to pick a the right dog/cat, etc.

A 24/7 TeleVet service called ‘Dogtegrity’ that is available as an add on to the core service package.

Child Care:

Pre/postnatal care advice, parenting resources, find daycares in your local areas - ones that may be open late, costs, planning for virtual learning, etc. 

Adoption Resources:  

Where to start, factors to consider, how to select an agency, how to inter-country adopt, what the medical exams are like, citizenship, etc. 

Special Needs Support:

Resources, national activities, parent information centers, how to deal with bullying and youth with disabilities, etc. In the United States, 1 in 4 adults—61 million—have a disability.

Elder/Adult Care:

Alzheimers support, assisted living help, caregiving advice, elder law, end of life, home care, medicare questions, staying active through COVID, vision care, how to get affairs in order etc.

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